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After working with React for about three years now, I was one of the developers who went through the transition of working with React professionally, both pre-hook and post-hook era. This experience is a different perspective than those coming into React, now, in the post-hook era. After spending a lot of time converting class components into functional components, and writing functional components from scratch, I have come across three painful patterns I ran across consistently. I want to emphasize, I am not saying these patterns are bad, in fact, these are patterns I use many times on a daily basis…

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I went through a full-stack web development boot camp in 2017. Since then, I have been on the software engineer journey, and I am pretty happy with where I have ended up so far. With that said, We can always narrow the path taken with hindsight. These are the 5 things I would do if I had graduated boot camp recently.

1. Read “The Clean Coder” By Robert Martin

Reading any and all books by Robert Martin is sound advice. But I recommend you start here. The reason why? When I left boot camp, I don’t think I ever realized how much time a software engineer spends not…

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Having your web application hosted in Amazon S3 with a custom domain is a fantastic way to upgrade the validity of the brand you are trying to create. Currently, especially amidst a pandemic, which at minimum encouraged people to spend more time working from home, or doing their typical in-store shopping now from home, consumers are more and more perceptive about the sites they are using. When accessing your custom domain, a user will likely notice in the URL, the below ugly message.

webpage making DNS query
webpage making DNS query
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Hosting a static web application on Amazon’s S3 storage service, which is cheap and reliable, is a no-brainer. When you are creating a public-facing website, we generally would not want to send a user to We want to send our users to and somehow we actually want them to go to and not even really know it. We want a custom domain name. That is what this article is all about, extending our statically hosted site on S3 to have a custom domain. This article assumes you already have a statically hosted web application in S3. If…

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Hosting a static React application on AWS S3 is cheap, reliable, and easy.

The goal of this article is to help you understand how you can easily take advantage of the cheap and highly available storage AWS S3 service provides to share a set of static assets in the form of a web application. This is a common thing to do as a front-end software engineer and if never done before could seem daunting. …

David Hammond

Senior software engineer always trying to learn something new. Spend majority of my time working with React and Angular and developing cloud solutions.

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